California Crisis Intervention Training Association

By: Christiene Andrews, Supervising Probation Officer

The California Crisis Intervention Training Association is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and best practices throughout California. Our volunteer board of directors is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds including law enforcement, behavioral health practitioners, patient advocates and individuals with a mental illness. Each year, we partner with clinicians, law enforcement agencies, and community members to provide training to law enforcement and behavioral health providers across the state. Our goal is to create an understanding between law enforcement, behavioral health providers, and utilizers of behavioral health services that promotes a collaborative and compassionate partnership between these entities.

California has unique and diverse communities in each county. We have found that throughout these counties, training and efforts toward collaboration is equally as varied. We are making an effort to standardize a system of training, promote education, and foster communication in each of these counties. We provide assistance to Behavioral Health and Law Enforcement partners interested in developing CIT programs; supporting research and improving public health and safety. As part of our organizational goals, we foster professional forums, meetings and conferences. We encourage sharing best practices, promoting continuing education, and assisting in targeted skill development among CIT officers, CIT presenters, behavioral health providers, first responders and other professionals and community partners. Our website offers a plethora of resource information, which we hope will only expand. This information is free for anyone to peruse.

When developing training and collaborative opportunities, we include information applicable to local Law Enforcement, BART, City Transit, Correctional Officers, Veterans Associations, College systems, Hospital Security, Ambulance Paramedics, Dispatchers or Call Takers, CHP, Park Rangers, Federal Marshalls and other public service entities. The information we provide is in addition to the training and education provided by each of these entities independently, and is meant to supplement their education as well as begin meaningful conversations on how to make all of our systems better. Our forums are relevant to line staff, administrators and policy developers of all levels.

We offer a variety of low cost trainings in many counties throughout the year, and encourage participation from all who can attend. Our large conferences are offered alternatively in Northern and Southern California.

We are excited to announce our 2018 conference which will be held at the McClelland Conference Center in Sacramento on October 4th and 5th.
POST and CEU credits are offered.
A specialized training for law enforcement and correctional officers will be offered on October 3rd.

Interested parties from throughout the state are welcomed to attend. Information on the conference and reservations is available at

We have several options for contacting us. Our website is .
Our email .

For customer service or support, please call (619) 784-4011 or send us mail at 4995 Murphy Canyon Road Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92123, We are also on Facebook!