This year the National Correctional Officers and Employees Week is celebrated May 7th through 13th to recognize the continuing contributions to public safety of all correctional employees.

Correctional employees face difficult and dangerous situations every day. This week recognizes the professionalism, dedication, and courage exhibited by correctional professionals in the performance of their duties.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) employees have a significant role in the criminal justice system by protecting the public, rehabilitating offenders prior to release, deterring others from offending, and following through with offenders to help ensure successful reintegration back into the community.

Correctional employees work hard to keep Californians safe. CDCR staff trains for the demands of their work, and respond admirably throughout the year. Custody and non-custody employees are part of a proud, long tradition of service. This week is to honor and remember those in our corrections field who serve and those we lost in the line of duty. They will never be forgotten.

Correctional officers and all correctional employees deserve the utmost gratitude and respect. To honor and recognize CDCR employees Secretary Scott Kernan released a memo to all staff thanking them for their service to the Department and the State of California.

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