The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) will award a total of $3 million in grants to enhance innovative programs and increase volunteerism in prisons.  The grant funding is intended to provide volunteers and nonprofit organizations  who currently operate rehabilitative programs in California prisons with the resources necessary to replicate the programs at one or more other prisons. 

“Programs that focus on the rehabilitation of inmates have proven to reduce recidivism substantially,” CDCR Secretary Jeff Beard said.  “We hope to continue to expand the positive influence of these programs to prisons that have fewer volunteer resources.”

Up to 50 percent of the grant will be awarded after March 1, 2016, and the remainder will be disbursed on or after November 1, 2016, upon request of the grantee and upon confirmation by CDCR that satisfactory progress is being made as demonstrated through mandatory progress reports. 

At the end of the grant period, it is expected the programs will have been implemented, additional volunteer resources developed, and the programs will be sustainable in the future through the normal prison budget.

All applicants are required to submit a Notice of Intent to Apply by 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 6, 2015.


For more information about the application process, please visit