Grants meant to expand rehabilitative programs in California Prisons
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is requesting applications for a third round of Innovative Programming Grants intended to expand current offender programs and increase volunteerism in prisons. 
As with the first two rounds of grants, this year’s funding is available on a one-time basis to nonprofit organizations currently offering successful programs in California prisons that focus on offender responsibility and restorative justice principles.  The purpose of the funding is to provide eligible applicants with the resources necessary to replicate the successful programs at prison locations that are underserved by volunteers and nonprofit organizations.
Over the past two years, a total of $5.5 million in grant monies was awarded to fund 74 new programs at 20 different CDCR institutions.  This year’s funding will consist of $3 million to be awarded over a three-year period to fund innovative grant program services  at targeted institutions; and $5.5 million awarded for a one-year period to programs that have proven successful in serving inmates who are serving long-term or life-term sentences.
An official Request for Applications can be found at at   Notice of intent to apply is due by September 26, 2016, with the final grant application due October 28, 2016. 
For questions, please contact Jill Brown, CDCR Grant Program Coordinator at (916) 327-6389 or at