SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issues the statement below following today’s order from the Three-Judge Court:   
“It is encouraging that the Three-Judge Court has agreed to a two-year extension. The state now has the time and resources necessary to help inmates become productive members of society and make our communities safer.”
Today the Three-Judge Court issued an order that provides a two year extension to comply with the mandate to reduce the prison population to 137.5 percent design capacity by February 28, 2016.  The order includes several benchmarks to reduce the in-state prison population to 143 percent of design capacity by June 30, 2014; followed by 141.5 percent by February 28, 2015; and 137.5 percent of design bed capacity by February 28, 2016. 
Effective immediately, the court has ordered the start of several measures to reduce the prison population, including an increase in credits prospectively for non-violent second strike-offenders and minimum custody inmates.  Additional changes are included to parole eligibility rules.  The order calls for the appointment of a Compliance Officer who will direct the early release of inmates if CDCR fails to reach any benchmarks in time.

To view the Three-Judge Court order, please visit the CDCR webpage at:

For additional information or to request a copy of the court order, please call Albert Rivas at (916) 445-4950.