Governor Brown has released his proposed 2018-19 state budget. For the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) the proposed budget includes approximately $12 billion ($11.7 billion General Fund) for the operation of the Department in 2018-19, this reflects an increase of approximately $599 million from the 2017 Budget Act. The Governor’s Budget continues to invest in public safety, rehabilitation and reentry.

The increase to the Department’s budget is attributed mostly to infrastructure repairs, offender population adjustments both in-state and out-of-state, mental health bed management, offender access to health care, employee benefits or post-retirement benefit adjustments, and medical receivership costs.

2018-2019 Major Adjustments

  • Roof Replacement and Mold Remediation — Approximately $81 million is provided to replace roofs at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, Salinas Valley State Prison, and Ventura Youth Correctional Facility ($60.7 million) and to repair interior water damage at various institutions ($20 million).
  • Population Adjustments — The budget provides an additional $33 million to reflect various increases and decreases related to population adjustments. The major increases in population funding include adjustments for Adult Parole Operations ($23.1 million), institution housing unit conversions ($14.5 million), the medical classification model ($12.8 million), reimbursement to local jurisdictions for court costs and county charges for coroner services ($11.7 million), adult institutions ($10.6 million), and other miscellaneous adjustments. The major decreases in population funding include adjustments for out-of-state contract facilities (-$40.1 million), juvenile living units (-$4.4 million) and the Male Community Re-entry Program (-$1.4 million).
  • Radio Communications — An increase of $32.9 million to replace public safety radio system infrastructure and subscriber equipment at nine institutions, two juvenile justice facilities, and fire camps, and add interoperability to the transportation unit.
  • Mental Health Bed Management — An increase of $20.1 million to address mental health treatment bed capacity, improve health care data reporting, and manage patient referrals.
  • Health Care Access — An increase of $17.5 million to replace high priority health care fleet assets and purchase additional health care access vehicles.
  • Medical Receivership Costs — An increase of $12.8 million to complete the integration of a comprehensive Electronic Health Record System throughout the State’s prison system, lease automated drug cabinets to store controlled substances within the institutions, and to add janitorial services.
  • Career Technical Education Expansion and Equipment Refresh — The budget provides an increase of about $8 million to expand Career Technical Education programming to 13 additional sites, and replace and refresh outdated core equipment statewide.
  • Employee Compensation, Staff Benefits, Post-employment Benefits, and Retirement Rates — The budget includes an increase of $407 million for employee compensation, staff benefits, post-employment benefits and retirement rate adjustments.
  • Other Adjustments — Certain decreases totaling $13.4 million reflect reductions for expiring limited-term resources, partially offset by increases for the lease revenue debt service adjustment, proposals for staffing needs, innovative programming grants, juvenile justice reform, and dental contracts and equipment.

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