Onboarding: Executive Walkthrough

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to complete the hiring process for Executive Staff. These steps are separated by milestones. In addition, you will find a designated section for both forms and what to expect at this part of your hiring process.

Pre-Arrival Goals

Receive contact from the Executive Onboarding Liaison (EOL)

Month 1 Goals

First Day

  • Review CDCR Onboarding Webpage and available resources
  • Introduction to workspace and work area
  • Confirmation of necessary supplies
  • Discuss Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Tour the work location
  • Confirm benefits meeting appointment

First Month

  • Complete New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • Sign and submit necessary Human Resource forms and policy acknowledgement forms
  • Set up CalATERS (expense report account)
  • Meet and greet peers
  • Meet with Office of Personnel Services or Institution Personnel Officer
  • Receive ongoing support
Month 2 Goals

Complete survey of onboarding experiences.

You can also download the Executive onboarding goals.

Additional executive contacts can be found in the Executive Onboarding section of CDCRnet — the department’s intranet.